We want to help you as much as possible with information on other items which can make your life easier, especially those that also are good for the environment.

Invisio is proud of its approach to the environment. We make our prescription liquid products (ModaSOL and RasagiSOL) in Amber Glass bottles which are re-cyclable, and are keen to help carers and patients keep their carbon footprint low too.

We want to hear from you if you have any good ideas on how to help with any information on other products you have found useful, (especially those that are environmentally-friendly) and we will list the items on this page for others to see.

Please send your ideas to rp@invisiopharm.com.

To date we have sourced the following:


Bamboo Straws

Enviromentally Friendly Drinking Straws

Re-useable, re-cyclable, Bamboo straws can be bought from Amazon in a variety of packs and sizes for patients with swallowing difficulties

NRS Healthcare

Wade Dignity Range of Ceramic Cups

2 handled cups and teacups

NRS Healthcare do a range of teapots, and cups, both single and double handled, with small or large aperture spouts for thin or thick liquids.

Nestle Thickening Powders

Nestle ThickenUp

Nestle Health Science (and other companies) produce a range of thickening powders to help achieve the best consistency of food to aid swallowing.

We hope that this information is useful and look forward to hearing from you.